10 Worrying Car Noises and What They Could Mean

Driving is very much a sensory experience, cars are visually stimulating objects to admire and some, impressionable to hear. Sometimes they can even give our nostrils a blast, think of the smell of petrol and new car smell hmm… In terms of driving on the limit, a racing driver’s ability to process their senses atContinue reading “10 Worrying Car Noises and What They Could Mean”

Driven: Volkswagen Golf Gti Tsi 2016

If you were to ask a group of ‘petrol heads’, “What’s the best hot hatch?” rather predictably, and probably in a savvy know it all kind of manner they’d say, “The Golf Gti of course!” On paper and over the years, yeah undoubtedly. They’re popular despite the price tag, and have a history of beingContinue reading “Driven: Volkswagen Golf Gti Tsi 2016”